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We are so excited to announce the Grand Marshall of our #Pride parade on Sunday, a hero to our local community, Rich Fierro! A decorated Veteran with three combat tours and owner of Atrevida Beer Co. with his wife Jessica, Rich and his family were at the scene of the Club Q tragedy, where Rich was credited with helping subdue the gunman with the shooters’ own weapon. Rich recently received the 2023 Congressional Medal of Honor Society's Citizen Honors Valor Award for those actions.


Pikes Peak Pride 2023 Parade Registration

A spot in the annual Pikes Peak Pride parade means your group, company or nonprofit will be seen by thousands of friendly LGBTQIA+ community members

All entries are reviewed by the committee and will be accepted if they meet all criteria, rules, regulations, and space availability. The parade fee is based on the organization type and is required during the registration process. Any application that is not approved will receive a full refund. Once your Application has been approved you will receive follow on instructions on required forms, required meetings, and payment deadlines. 


Parade w/ Float (1-25 Walkers):  $200

Parade Walking (1-25 Walkers):  $250

Parade Walking (25-60 Walkers):  $300

Parade Walking (60-100 Walkers):  $350


Parade w/ Float (1-25 Walkers):  $100

Parade Walking  (25-60 Walkers):  $150

Parade Walking  (60-100 Walkers):  $200

School Marching Band:  Free

Emergency Services /​ First Responder:  Free

Please Select if your Organization is interested in other Pikes Peak Pride Opportuntities?

By clicking register, your informatin above is true and you will abide by the terms and conditions of Pikes Peak Pride. Payment is required prior to approval and is not a guarantee of acceptance. If the application is not accepted, a full refund of your purchase price will be received.


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