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Like the rest of our community across the nation, the event committee of Pikes Peak Pride has been shocked and heartbroken at the news of the horrific events that unfolded at our local bar and safe haven, Club Q. For many of us, Club Q has been a staple in our queer identities for years, a constant place of discovery and belonging. To have that sanctuary violated in this horrific, hateful manner is unspeakable.

We are hurt. We don't know how we move forward while missing some of the brightest lights in our community. But we will never stop fighting. We are NOT GOING AWAY!!! The fight will go on. TOGETHER!

This is why we need Pride. To ensure everyone feels safe dancing, loving, and living exactly how they choose to be. We need Pride. And we will continue having Pride celebrations until no LGBTQ+ person has cause to be afraid again. But today, we must heal.

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